Internships are non-paid, full-time or part-time, with terms ranging from one semester to one year in length. Interns will be required to work a minimum of 32 hours per week. Internships will be under the direction of the department manager. Weekly meetings will allow interns to share their research plans and progress with the research team. In addition, students are encouraged to attend faculty presentations and participate in OCRI community events. At the end of the internship, students may be required to give an oral presentation about their research project(s).


Applicants must have successfully completed at least one year of an undergraduate program at an accredited institution. Acceptance into the program is contingent on academic excellence. The applicant must have an overall GPA ≥ 3.2 and have completed at least two courses in the following areas of study:

  • Science
  • Research Methods
  • Statistics
  • Clinical Research
  • Social Work
  • Psychology
  • Public Policy
  • Mathematics
  • Education
  • Business
  • Anthropology
  • Allied Health (e.g., pre-nursing, nursing, medical terminology, anatomy & physiology)


It is our goal at OrthoCarolina Research Institute, Inc. (OCRI) to provide a meaningful overview and understanding of the clinical research process in the field of orthopedics.

The following expectations have been set by the management team to ensure a positive internship experience while maintaining the integrity, efficiency, and professionalism of OCRI.

  • Work hours will be determined by the Manager and Intern within the first two weeks of the internship. Any changes in these pre-determined hours need to be discussed immediately with the manager. The manager has the authority to end the internship should the adjusted hours not meet the needs/expectations of the Research Team.
  • Interns are expected to arrive on-time on pre-determined work days. Should the intern not be able to report to work, it is preferred that the time will be made up within the same given week. Three unexcused absences during the internship may result in dismissal from the internship program. Requests for time off should be arranged with the assigned manager at least 2 weeks in advance.
  • All assigned projects need to be completed to the best of your ability, within the given time frame, and under the direction of an assigned manager/coordinator. The intern must report to the manager/coordinator either in person or via email at the end of each work day to discuss progress of assigned projects.
  • All OCRI interns will be required to complete New Hire Orientation through OrthoCarolina as well as follow all professional policies maintained by the organization. In addition, all interns will be required to complete the web-based Good Clinical Practice (GCP) training prior to the start of the internship, and to provide proof of vaccination records.
  • In an effort to promote open communication, OCRI staff will provide continuous performance feedback. The schedule of feedback will be determined by the assigned manager. These meetings will address work standards and, if necessary, counseling and retraining. Should an intern be counseled more than twice for performance concerns, the intern may be dismissed from the program. We also ask that the continuous performance feedback meetings be an open forum to hear your feedback regarding the internship program.


Click on the link below and complete the application.  Please include the semester you plan to complete the internship.

Complete Application Online

Candidates will be invited into the program following an on-site interview and will need to respond with their acceptance and required paperwork within ten (10) business days of the offer.