The OrthoCarolina Research Advisory Committee (RAC) provides the day to day oversight, assistance, and guidance necessary to maintain research and educational activities consistent with the Institute’s mission.

RAC meets bi-monthly to evaluate and approve/reject submitted research proposals based on scientific merit, suitability, and/or the impact on research support services at the Institute. Working with OCRI’s administrative staff, RAC establishes annual research and funding priorities, assesses research staffing and space utilization, oversees regulatory issues and ethics, and approves research policies and procedures.

Research Advisory Committee Members

Bruce Darden, MD, ChairmanOrthoCarolina Spine Center
Virginia F. Casey, MDOrthoCarolina Pediatric Center
Brian Curtin, MDOrthoCarolina Hip & Knee Center
J. Kent Ellington, MDOrthoCarolina Foot & Ankle Institute
R. Glenn Gaston, MDOrthoCarolina Hand Center
Nady Hamid, MDOrthoCarolina Sports Medicine Center
Todd Irwin, MDOrthoCarolina Foot & Ankle Institute
Bryan Loeffler, MDOrthoCarolina Hand Center
P. Bradley Segebarth, MDOrthoCarolina Spine Center
Bryan D. Springer, MDOrthoCarolina Hip & Knee Center
Joshua Patt, MDOrthopedic Surgeon, Atrium Health
Rachel Seymour, PhDOrthopedic Clinical Research, Atrium Health
Christi Cadd, MBAOCRI Executive Director
William L. Griffin, MD, Chairman Board of Directorsnon-voting RAC member