HAND & WRIST research

Turning a key. Signing your name. Pushing open a door. What do all of these things have in common? For most of us, these are tasks that we encounter every day. They’re also all tasks that require the use of your hands. Hands are absolutely essential for everyday function, making hand research a vital field.

“As far as the research experience, to me, it didn’t take much of my time and was beneficial to others. I didn’t mind doing it at all.”


OrthoCarolina Research Institute and the OrthoCarolina Hand Center collaborate on studies designed to improve patient outcomes while our providers gain a richer understanding of the complex hand. Physicians at the Hand Center are actively engaged in over twenty research projects, ranging in topic from the treatment of traumatic nerve injuries to determining the most effective test for diagnosing carpal tunnel syndrome. Some of the most rewarding research projects at the Hand Center stem from our Brachial Plexus Clinic and our Amputation Clinic. Supportive, shared-experience communities have formed among patients who return for long-term follow-up and tracking.

By “lending a hand” to research, you help our team make advancements in the field that will benefit future patients. For more information, contact OrthoCarolina Research Institute.

GRASPING new heights

The groundbreaking Starfish Procedure gives amputee patients the ability to move like never before.