In partnership with Davidson College, four students are eligible annually for an Independent Study program entitled “Research in Biology I: Evaluation of Outcomes of Surgical Interventions in Select Musculoskeletal Disorders.” The program is designed to provide individualized hands-on learning to students aspiring to become future doctors or clinical specialists.

The Davidson College Internship course has three key objectives:

  • Clinical mentorship in the office
  • Shadowing in the operative theater
  • Completing a clinical research study.

Students accepted into this program will have the opportunity to join grand rounds, specialty-specific weekly lectures, journal clubs, and special anatomy sessions with residents and fellows all providing a comprehensive and well-rounded experience.

There is also a research component to the course where the OCRI team provides a basic introduction to clinical research and overview of data entry and analysis. Each student is connected with a mentor. Together they outline a specific research study.

Semester summary

The fall semester is arranged to introduce students to the orthopedic clinic and operating room to familiarize them with basic anatomy, pathology and clinical treatment considerations.

During the spring semester, the student is immersed into their research project with the goal of generating a poster presentation and potentially an abstract submitted to a national orthopedic meeting.

For more information about applying for this internship, Davidson students should contact Dr. Naila Mamoon, Director of Pre-medicine and Allied Health Professions via email.