August 3rd, 2015

Dr. Odum and the new OrthoCarolina fellows will be up bright and early August 4 – 6 to go over information on participating in research with OCRI during their fellowships.  Each hour long session taught by Dr. Odum will be focusing on OCRI requirements for research, research methods, statistics and publishing, as well as training on the online systems OCRI uses to capture data and relay research-related information.

OrthoCarolina fellows are chosen from hundreds of applicants for a year long fellowship, following an orthopedic residency program.  Each sub-specialty manages their fellows independently; however, research is a priority in each sub-specialty fellowship.  For most fellows, the goal will be to complete a quality study to be published in a peer-reviewed journal and to present their research formally.  Fellows conduct their research in conjunction with OCRI.

This year’s list of fellows are:

Daniel Dixon, MD Spine
Daniel Baluch, MD Spine
Leah Brown, MD Sports
Mark Rogers, MD Sports
Ephraim Dickinson, MD Sports
Robert Russell, MD Hip & Knee
Nicholas Ting, MD Hip & Knee
Lucas Anderson, MD Hip & Knee
Brian Gladnick, MD Hip & Knee
Erik Diebolt, MD Physiatry
Michael McGehee, MD Physiatry
Jeffrey Covell, MD Foot & Ankle
Joshua Hunter, MD Foot & Ankle
John Lewis, MD Foot & Ankle
Shae Brannan, MD Hand
Mark Tait, MD Hand
John Bracey, MD Hand
Peng Bai, DO Winston-Salem

The OrthoCarolina fellowships are a great example of OCRI’s mission, which is to work with physicians and collaborative partners to facilitate relevant orthopedic research that advances orthopedic treatments, improves quality of life for patients, and educates the medical community.