August 19th, 2014

We are pleased to announce a new assistantship, established in 2014, with Bryce Van Doren, a PhD student in the Health Services Research program at UNC Charlotte.

Mr. Van Doren will mentor under the direction of OCRI Senior Research Scientist, Susan Odum, PhD, for one year.  This hands-on learning environment will allow him to work in his field prior to graduation.  It also provides another employee within OCRI with data management, analytical, and statistical skills.

He had the following to say about starting this collaboration:

“I was fortunate to meet Susan Odum while she was teaching “Advanced Data Analysis” as an adjunct professor at UNCC. Taking that class was one of the best decisions I have made in the PhD program in Health Services Research.

I was able to immediately put the lessons I learned in the course to use in my daily research activities. It was also during that semester that I started to talk to Dr. Odum about OCRI and our mutual interests. I am particularly interested in patient safety, quality of life, and avoidable hospitalizations.

I am interested in research that makes a difference in people’s lives — and I believe that OCRI is accomplishing just that. I look forward to collaborating with the teams of OC and OCRI as we work to advance orthopedic care and knowledge.”