May 17th, 2019

Why were there so many extra pediatric doctors in Charlotte this week?

So glad you asked… Hundreds of doctors ascended on Charlotte from May 15-17 to exchange research findings, leadership insights, and medical observations during the Pediatric Orthopedic Society of North America’s (POSNA) annual meeting.

If you’re not familiar with industry events like POSNA, we are fans of these meetings for a few reasons:

  1. It gives us a platform to show off our research
  2. We learn from industry leaders who are passionate about caring for patients
  3. It energizes us to continue to learn, ask questions, and find ways to advance medicine
  4. It’s a time to collaborate on current and future projects with our research partners

Speaking of showing off, OrthoCarolina doctors played a major role in this week’s events. Dr. Virginia Casey and Dr. Brian Brighton, served as the local hosts for the week and ordered up some excellent weather for our guests from across the continent. Dr. Brian Scannell also had an integral part in programming for the event while serving as the chair person for the pre-course and put together the program for the morning session on May 15 entitled, “Improving Patient Care Through Wellness, Teamwork, and Organizational Changes.”

During that pre-course, Dr. Casey spoke about team building, a topic she puts into practice daily with as OrthoCarolina’s Medical Director and as a pediatric surgeon. During “Building a Culture of Wellness in an Orthopaedic Department/ Group”, she gave insight on resolving conflict, building a mentorship program, normalizing coaching, and supporting team members in different stages of their professional and personal lives.

“We nurture our patients well, but not each other,” Dr. Casey said in regards to how surgeons interact with their peers. She reminded the room to give their colleagues the benefit of the doubt when conflicts arise in the work place.

She also stressed the importance of building authentic, individualized relationships with members of your team, “one-to-one connection is how you change culture.”

As physicians presented their recent research findings, Dr. Brighton gave two presentations. Up first was a presentation that looked into stats collected in multiple databases that track patient injuries and outcomes called “Registry of Orthopaedic Trauma in Children: A Pilot Study.” Dr. Brighton gave POSNA attendees a quick update on key trends he observed in the collected data. Some trends he covered in his presentation included the most frequent types on injuries and the age range of patients who show up in clinics most frequently, among many other statistics.

Dr. Brighton’s second presentation was titled, “Appropriate Use Criteria for Treatment of Pediatric Supracondylar Humerus Fractures with Vascular Injury: Do Recommendations Follow Current Clinical Practice?”

POSNA guests also had the opportunity to take an afternoon off from lectures to explore some of Charlotte’s attractions like the U.S. National White Water Center, various parks, and dining options.

We thank POSNA for selecting Charlotte for this year’s event and congratulate everyone who helped make it a wonderful opportunity for continuing education.