October 5th, 2015

OrthoCarolina Research Institute is proud to share the recent research accomplishments by the OrthoCarolina staff at the upcoming meeting of the North Carolina Orthopaedic Association (NCOA). NCOA is a statewide membership organization focused on the science and practice of orthopedic surgery, while also promoting orthopedic healthcare for the state of North Carolina. The following abstracts by OrthoCarolina physicians and OrthoCarolina Research Institute staff were accepted and will be highlighted as podium presentations during the meeting later this week:

• Alarming National Obesity Trends in Revision Total Knee Arthroplasty (Authors: Odum, Van Doren, Springer)

• Major Perioperative Complications are Higher in Ankle Fusion than Total Ankle Arthroplasty: Results of a Matched Cohort Study (Authors: Odum, Van Doren, RB Anderson, Davis)

• Does MRSA decolonization reduce the risk of surgical site infections in total joint arthroplasty patients? A meta-analysis (Authors: Van Doren, Odum, Haber, Baratz, Springer)

• Outcomes Validation of the ASES, DASH, EQ5D, and VR6D in a Population of Orthopedics Patients with Upper Extremity Morbidity (Authors: Odum, Van Doren, Hamid, Gaston)

• Knee Arthroscopy Simulation Training: Does it Translate to Improved Arthroscopic Proficiency in the Wrist (Authors: Ode, Chadderdon, Gaston, Loeffler)

• Multi-Center: Is Reported PCN Allergy a Risk Factor for PJI (Coordinating Center: Rothman Institute)

• Multi-Center: Dual Mobility Deceases Dislocation in Revision THA (Coordinating Center: Cleveland Clinic)