June 8th, 2015

The Knee Society Score (KSS) is one of the most commonly used tools for documenting and measuring patient recovery following a total knee replacement. This tool measures a patient’s pain, how stable their knee is, and what range of motion their knee is capable of. The surgeons of the OrthoCarolina Hip and Knee Center have been collecting the KSS on all their knee replacement patients as part of their standard practice, creating a tremendous record of clinical data.

In 2011, the KSS was revised to include an expanded functional component and new sections for patient satisfaction and expectations. With the many differences between the older KSS and the new version, it is necessary to develop a method for converting the scores from the original KSS to the new KSS. Dr. Susan Odum, Senior Research Scientist at OCRI, and Dr. Thomas Fehring are co-investigators on this project.

The goal of the study is for all orthopedic providers involved with total knee replacements throughout the country to have an up-to-date tool for capturing patient reported outcomes that can be married with the historical data already collected – to move into the future of orthopedic research without losing the ability to compare with the record of the past.