November 22nd, 2019

At OrthoCarolina, we strive to customize care to meet the specific physical and psychological needs of our patients. Our goal is to ensure a better outcome for patients on every level of their recovery journey.

A new OrthoCarolina Research Institute (OCRI) study launching in 2020 could very well change how physicians customize care for their patients.

When approaching a significant surgery, we understand that a patient’s psychological needs are just as important as their physical needs when undergoing and recovering from that surgery.

“We are exploring the associations between resiliency, general health and other psychosocial factors with patient satisfaction and functional outcomes following several elective orthopedic surgeries,” OCRI’s Susan Odum said. 

Based on the results of this study, we hope to deliver more personalized care to each patient that puts their trust in us to improve their quality of life.

“If we can identify patients that could benefit from an intervention that provides additional psychosocial support for patients, the study will be a success!,” Odum says.

But research like this only happens with the financial support of people like you.

OCRI relies on the charitable donations of people in our community and 100% of your financial support is invested in muskuloskeletal research that directly benefits patients in the Carolinas and beyond.

More than any other medical field, orthopedics can restore movement for a quality of life that many patients imagine to be unattainable.

As you can imagine, that takes time and funding. The average cost of a single research study is $12,000. Because of this, many research opportunities go unfunded, causing the hope of enjoying a normal life to remain out of reach for many people. But you can change that today.