Initiatives at OCRI

From pioneering inventions to innovating ways to help patients heal, OrthoCarolina Research Institute’s (OCRI) projects meet the growing need for better orthopedic care through research, innovation, and education. Then we share our results across the world, leading to better medical care, better outcomes, and better cost efficiency. 

The orthopedic treatments and procedures of today will not be the same as those tomorrow.


The orthopedic care you receive at OrthoCarolina is at the forefront of medical treatment because of the research conducted by OCRI. Meet some of the patients who have been impacted by a few of our current, groundbreaking studies. 

Why support OCRI?

Trusted: OCRI is a reputable research institution highly regarded in the medical community and among grantors including The Duke Endowment and Orthopedic Research and Education Foundation (OREF).

Effective: OCRI’s research has shown to be effective in finding new and cost-effective ways to treat and prevent musculoskeletal diseases paving the way for further innovation.

Proven: Since 2007, OCRI has successfully tackled a large volume of practical, timely studies that are shaping the future of orthopedic care- one bold study at a time.