June 1st, 2018 , Journal of Orthopedic Trauma

A Preoperative Planning ToolAggregate Anterior Approach to the Humerus With Quantitative Comparisons (Abstract)

Author: Phelps KD, Harmer LS, Crickard CV, Hamid N, Sample KM, Andrews EB, Seymour RB, Hsu JR.


Extensile approaches to the humerus are often needed when treating complex proximal or distal fractures that have extension into the humeral shaft or in those fractures that occur around implants. The 2 most commonly used approaches for more complex fractures include the modified lateral paratricipital approach and the deltopectoral approach with distal anterior extension. Although the former is well described and quantified, the latter is often associated with variable nomenclature with technical descriptions that can be confusing. Furthermore, a method to expose the entire humerus through an anterior extensile approach has not been described. Here, we illustrate and quantify a technique for connecting anterior humeral approaches in a stepwise fashion to form an aggregate anterior approach (AAA). We also describe a method for further distal extension to expose 100% of the length of the humerus and compare this approach with both the AAA and the lateral paratricipital in terms of access to critical bony landmarks, as well as the length and area of bone exposed.

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