August 10th, 2015 , Foot Ankle Spec

Tibiotalocalcaneal Arthrodesis Using a Nitinol Intramedullary Hindfoot Nail

Tibiotalocalcaneal (TTC) arthrodesis using an intramedullary hindfoot nail is a common procedure for deformity correction and the treatment of combined tibiotalar and subtalar end-stage arthritis. Nonunion at one or both fusion sites is a difficult complication that can result in reoperation, significant morbidity, and below-knee amputation. There is currently a need for sustained compression across fusion sites using a TTC hindfoot nail with good mechanical stability. The DynaNail TTC Fusion System (MedShape, Inc, Atlanta, GA) uses an internal nitinol compression element to apply sustained compression across the tibiotalar and subtalar joints after surgery. In preliminary clinical cases, we have found that the nail is safe, reliable, and has promising clinical and radiographic results in settings of hindfoot arthritis, complex deformity, Charcot arthropathy, and talar avascular necrosis.