May 18th, 2019 , Current Sports Medicine Reports

Novel Mobile Device-Based Tool to Document Sideline Evaluation of Athletes 

Authors: Apple RP, Karpinos AR, Bellamy DM


We describe the implementation of the Athletic Injury Database (AID), a mobile device-based tool for documenting sideline encounters with athletes. Primary measures of the implementation process were: 1) patterns of AID use, 2) nature of sideline encounters captured, and 3) providers’ reported satisfaction. Over 2 yr, the AID captured 6237 sideline encounters by athletic trainers and physicians. Most encounters were among athletes participating in football (51%), soccer (15%), and basketball (12%). Knee and ankle injuries were most common. A total of 77% of sports medicine providers were satisfied with the AID. Providers can use information gleaned from a tool like the AID to improve documentation of care provided to athletes.

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