February 19th, 2011 , J Hand Surg Eur Vol

A Novel Technique for the Treatment of Recurrent Cubital Tunnel Syndrome: Ulnar nerve wrapping with a tissue enginnered bioscaffold

The purpose of this study was to assess subjective and objective outcomes in treating recurrent cubital tunnel at secondary neurolysis by nerve wrapping with a tissue engineered three-dimensional biomatrix. Five patients with a mean age of 44.1 years and an average follow-up of 13.3 months were included in the study. All patients had improvement in visual analogue scales. Four patients that had preoperative intrinsic atrophy with clawing had no clawing or intrinsic atrophy at final follow-up. Postoperatively, four of the five patients had two-point discrimination of 5 mm. Grip strength on average increased 90%. Three patients had an excellent outcome, one patient had a good outcome, and one patient had a fair outcome. All five patients said they would have surgery again.