November 2nd, 2018

Congratulations to our Hip and Knee research team who are currently in Dallas at the annual meeting of the American Association of Hip and Knee Surgeons (AAHKS) presenting the following research:



  • Unintended BPCI Consequences Following Removal of TKA from Inpatient Only List (Podium) // Authors: Curtin BM, Odum SM.
  • Mid-term Results of Dual Mobility for Monoblock Metal-on-Metal Revision – Is It Safe? (Podium) // Authors: Colacchio, N, Wooten C, Martin JR, Mokris J, Masonis JL, Fehring TK.
  • Perioperative periprosthetic femur fractures are strongly correlated with fixation method: An Analysis from the American Joint Replacement Registry (Podium) // Authors: Springer BD, Etkin CD, Shores PB, Gioe TJ, Lewallen DG, Bozic KJ.
  • Extensive Proximal Femoral Bone Loss – Are Modular Fluted Femoral Stems the Answer? (Poster) // Authors: Otero JE, Martin JR, Odum SM, Mason JM.
  • Why do Revision Total Knee Arthroplasties Fail? A Thirty-Year Review of 2,462 Revision Total Knees (Poster) // Authors: Geary M, Macknet D, Ransone M, Odum SM, Springer BD.
  • Understanding Clinical Drivers and Economic Impacts of Hip and Knee Joint Replacement Episode Bundle Busters (Poster) // Authors: Duwelius PJ, Springer BD, Sarilghalam S, Froemke C, Odum SM, Huddleston JI, Fleming K.

Prior to the annual meeting, about 2,200 research abstracts were submitted.  The acceptance rate at AAHKS for a podium presentation is 2% and the acceptance rate for a poster presentation is about 10% (and our team has three podium presentations and three posters!).  About 3,000 people (physicians, ancillary care providers, administrators, and orthopedic exhibitors) attend this annual conference.